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Keep your Motor in Tip Top Condition

Having a car gives you the opportunity to go places, take the kids to school and enjoy the thrill of the road. With this in mind, keep your motor in tip top condition by having it serviced on a regular basis. For peace of mind use the best servicing operators around.

Canberra Toyota dealerships have professional and friendly teams of mechanics who can:-

  • Fix any car problem no matter what the model or make
  • Use the latest diagnostic equipment to find out what’s wrong with your motor
  • Get you back on the road in no time at all

Let car service Canberra technicians provide a vehicle service that’s second to none. Any questions? Just speak to a team member who will do their best to answer any queries.

Drop your vehicle off and wait in a comfortable waiting room

 Once you’ve made an appointment to have your vehicle serviced, drop it off and wait while a mechanic gives it the once over. Alternatively if you need to be somewhere else, there’s the option of having a courtesy car or ask to be taken to your destination and then picked up to collect your own car. Canberra Toyota offer:-

  1. An early check in time
  2. Fully qualified technicians to deal with the service
  3. Comfortable lounge to wait in with free WiFi and refreshments
  4. A fuel injector servicing
  5. Wheel balancing and alignment

Along with the above, have tyres, battery and air conditioning checked over as well as brakes and mufflers.


If you do own a Toyota model, you’ll be pleased to know only genuine parts and accessories are used.

What to look out for

 It’s advisable to look out for potential issues with your vehicle before they get worse. Listen for odd sounds like squeaking or rattling. Changes in the car’s performance often means there could be problems. Take note of the following early warning signs and book your motor into a reputable servicing garage quickly:-

  1. Strange engine noises
  2. Engine stumbling or stalling
  3. Exhaust pipe problems
  4. Temperature of the engine getting high
  5. Fluid leaking underneath the vehicle
  6. Steering pulls to either the right or left

If the clutch or brake pedal is sticking or feels spongy, take the car into a car service garage immediately. It’s not worth the risk to keep driving especially if the problem could be major.

Do your own checks from time to time

 Checking your motor from time to time is a good idea to prevent it from getting worse. Things like:-

  • Tyre pressure – the pressure should be as listed in the vehicle log book
  • Fluid levels – it’s so easy to check the brake, clutch, oil and coolant fluids, so get into the habit
  • Making sure the windscreen washer fluid is topped up
  • Checking indicators and lights are all working

Everything in good working order, great, put your motor into gear and go!

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