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How Tech is Selling Cars for Dealers

Selling cars. It is the prime motivating factor for dealerships even if it isn’t their main financial hub, and how it has evolved in the last few decades is amazing. Gone are the days of trying to find new and offbeat ways to stay in the public eye through stunts like wild animals in the dealership showroom or late night entertaining spots. Instead today we have slick new websites that brag about the latest technological advances in the cars, and show off beauty shots of automobiles that rival the latest swimsuit magazine cover for slick and polish.

But the biggest shift is how technology is being used to not only improve the cars themselves, but the way that car dealerships can reach out to a specific audience. Dealerships receive automotive CRM tech packages that identify key demographics and show them the precise wording they need to use to convince them to buy. Not convinced your dealership needs to know the latest and greatest technology to help you move more cars? Take a look at some of the simplest tools that have proven to be effective in the hands of the savvy dealer.

The Intelligent Website

It all begins with your website. While it is true that for most retail businesses their customers will shop around in person but often then buy online to get the best possible price, when it comes to cars this idea is flipped on its head. Today when a prospective customer is considering buying a car, they will start with a bit of time online, comparing details on various models until they have found just what they want and know the price they are willing to pay.

This means that your website has to be not only user friendly, but filled with all kinds of useful information that will help them to decide that the models you have in your showroom today is what they want. Safety records, beauty shots that explode the inside of the car and show off its many comforts and special features and stats on the various eco-minded elements are all part of the sell. Once they walk into your showroom, they have already decided what they want. So, do the legwork and make your website your best salesman.

Getting Social

Don’t stop at just the website though. That site alone isn’t enough to reach out to the buyers who are looking for that next purchase. If you have a young salesperson in the dealership – make them in charge of all your social media. Encourage everyone to snap pics for Instagram, post comments on Facebook and tweet out the latest news on Twitter.

The chattier you are on social media, the more likely you are to connect with that young buyer who is looking for the dealership they know they will feel comfortable walking into. Invite them into the showroom and then use the connection to sell them.

Tech in the Showroom

Finally, bring that tech into the showroom by utilizing iPads and tablets with all your salespeople. These handy little devices can give your salespeople all the information they need, right at their fingertips, to close the deal. It can make the financial side quick and painless and give the buyer insight into why this particular model is the right one for them.

Tech is our tool to the modern and successful car dealership. Rather than look at it as a barrier to interaction, see it as one more way to know and understand what that person walking into the dealership wants and needs. And then simply use it for delivering it to them.

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