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3 Auto Maintenance Jobs You Can Probably Do Yourself

Times are tough right now; everyone is looking for ways to scale back and save a little money. Of course, if you own a car you could always sell it and take the bus or downgrade and buy something simpler.  But, you could also save money by performing some of your own auto maintenance.

For example, while you may be acutely aware that you should change your oil every 3 months (or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first), you probably didn’t know that you could actually do this yourself.  The process is somewhat complicated, sure, but it is not beyond the knowledge and capabilities of the average driver.

However, here are a few auto maintenance tasks you can probably do on your own, from simplest to most complex.


This is a simple replacement job.  Basically, you just remove the old spark plug from the engine and install the new ones. Of course, you have to know how to find the old spark plugs first. Again, this is simple.  If you can’t immediately identify where they are located by simply looking at your engine, you can consult your owner’s manual. Either way, you simply remove the 4, 6, 8 (or however many you have) from the engine. However, keep in mind that spark plugs must be replaced in a specific order (so, you know, check with the user’s manual).


This task may seem a bit more complicated—and it is—but it really is just a series of steps that, if you follow them closely, can save you some cash over taking your car into the shop.

To change your oil filter you have to:

  • use car jacks to lift the car off the ground
  • safely secure it so it will not topple over (as you need to climb under it)
  • As mentioned, you will now climb beneath the car to find the oil pan so you can remove the drain plug. The oil pan collects the used oil, which you need to drain out so you can put new oil in the engine.
  • Once you have drained the oil, replace the drain plug
  • remove the oil filter from the engine and replace it with a new one
  • lubricate the oil gasket and then fill the new oil filter approximately two-thirds full
  • secure the new oil filter in place
  • lower the vehicle
  • fill the engine with more new oil
  • dispose of used oil (properly)


You should change your brake pads about once every 40,000 miles, or approximately once a year. Of course, this can vary depending on how often you drive and how heavy your drives may be, and the type of CrossDrilledRotors.ca Brake Parts you have. To change your brake pads you will need to raise the car up and secure it, again, only this time you will remove the wheels.  Next, remove the brake calipers to find the brake pads. Remove these parts carefully and replace accordingly. You need to also apply brake fluid to the new parts as you install them.  Restore the calipers and the wheels and bring the car back to the ground, and you are on your way.

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